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Crawford Productions and Protocol Entertainment Inc are proud to have completed filming The Saddle Club series 3.

They are thrilled to introduce a complete new cast and location to the millions of existing Saddle Club fans around the world in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and Europe. It is also exciting to introduce this series to new markets in Europe and South America.

Series 3 has been shot on a property on the outskirts of Daylesford, a picturesque spa town, in Central Victoria, Australia. The property has been transformed into fully functional, state of the art riding stables.



Crawford Productions is one of Australia’s most established and respected television production companies. It is part of the WIN Television Group and under the proprietorship of Bruce Gordon, who is also Executive Producer.

Protocol Entertainment, Inc. is one of Canada’s most celebrated producers of popular and critically-acclaimed children’s entertainment television programming. The company is recognized worldwide for producing high quality, audience and award-winning series for kids and families based on best-selling book properties. The producer of the smash hits Goosebumps™, Animorphs™, Dear America™ and The Saddle Club™ television series, Protocol Entertainment, Inc. is based in Toronto



The Saddle Club books are a series of intermediate children's books written by Bonnie Bryant and originally published in 1988.

There are currently 111 titles in the original series, with over 13 million copies in print worldwide.

The Saddle Club brand has generated two successful spin-off series by Bonnie Bryant: Pony Tails for girls ages 7-10 and Pine Hollow for girls ages 12 and up. The books have been translated into many languages, including French, German, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Dutch, and have also been sold successfully throughout the English-speaking world.

The books follow the adventures of best friends Carole Hanson, Stevie Lake, and Lisa Atwood, who live in the fictional town of Willow Creek , Virginia, U.S.A. and ride at Pine Hollow Stables. In the first book of the series, Horse Crazy, Carole and Lisa help Stevie with her mathematics project, which launches the girls' friendship and the title club.


Because "Hello World", sung by The Saddle Club was so popular we introduced more songs into the drama in Series 2. The girls sang at JB's and the original songs became very popular. The albums went Gold in Australia. For Series 3 we have included more original songs and now all the cast performs.

There are 22 new songs in Series 3. Sometimes they are included in the drama but more often are performed at the end of the episode as a kind of music video.  Many young composers including some of our talented cast have written these songs exclusively for The Saddle Club. Once again Shock Records produced them

"Best Friends" is the first album by the new cast of The Saddle Club and on this soundtrack Carole, Lisa and Stevie sing about the things which matter most to these and many other young girls – fun, friendship and of course, horses.

The girls let the wind whistle through their hair and sing about how all their friends are "Horseback Riders"; and they give each other a big hug in song with "These Girls" where they sing about the things that make their friends so special to them.

Music is more important to The Saddle Club than ever before and when they sing that something "In The Music" sets them free you know it’s coming from the heart; and you can’t help but want to dance and clap your hands when the girls ask you to "Feel The Beat".

The Saddle Club’s friends are along for the ride as well. “It’s My Life” rocks out with typical Veronica attitude and states that no-one can tell her what to do, but that she just wants her life to be free and right for her. New girl Desiree sings about how she feels finding such a welcoming new "Home" and she joins Veronica on "Together We Can Win" to affirm that there’s nothing friends can’t do when they work together.

Melanie and her new friend Jessie are having some problems keeping control of their mischievous miniature donkey in "Hey Trouble" and on "Run" they just can’t help but try to outdo each other, bragging about their riding prowess.

Finally, there is one song that we simply could not leave off the debut album by the brand new cast – "Hello World" opens the album in a rocking new arrangement that’s sure to have kids all over the world playing air-guitar and singing into their hairbrushes.

You can listen and sing along to music from The Saddle Club on this site.

The Saddle Club™ series stars three heroines, Stevie, Carole and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club™ at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality but all share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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