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Drew Regnery

Drew Regnery is Max’s cousin. When Max is invited to France to work in a state-of-the-art, warm-blood breeding barn, Drew jumps at the chance to step into Max’s shoes. He has an entrepreneur’s spirit and he has always thought that Pine Hollow could be better run. Sure, he’s always like Max, but in his view Max was a little bit too down-home and countrified.

Drew is a nice sunny-natured person so he doesn’t make any sweeping changes to begin with but he is determined to put Pine Hollow on a more business-like footing and this leads him into forging a business relationship with Mr. DiAngelo, but that is quite a way down the trail yet.

His desire to fix Pine Hollow’s bottom line has an unexpected effect on Deborah. She realizes how important the Regnery tradition is at Pine Hollow and so she finds herself defending the traditional way things are done, out of loyalty to Max and Mrs. Regnery. So Deborah, the thoroughly modern young woman, shows herself to be conservative at heart.

But Drew is not just an entrepreneur. He is a very good people person and a lot of fun. The girls all take to him because of his good humour and charm and he is raffish in a way Max never was.

Nikolai Nikolaeff ( Plays Drew )

It is usually a gradual move up the ladder to a lead role in a television series. Starting off with maybe a commercial, then some smaller roles, perhaps a guest role, then the lead. But Nikolai was thrown straight into the deep end. At aged 16 he was given the starring role in The Crash Zone, an Australian Children’s Television Foundation/Beuna Vista 13 part series, a role he repeated in the second series two years later.

“It was a big break and I grabbed it. I knew acting was what I wanted to do with my life from the time I was about twelve and I started acting classes then. I studied at the Victorian Youth Theatre, and also Caulfield Grammar which I attended had a great theatre department,” Nikolai says. He also attended The Actors Space. “This really gets your brain working. A new script every week, directors film you, then dissect your performance and there’s no mucking around. You are told exactly what you are doing right or wrong,” he explains.

Nikolai’s heritage is Russian. His parents came to Australia from China and he was born in Melbourne. “It is important to me to retain and respect my Russian heritage. My parents speak Russian at home so I am fluent in that language and part of my training includes the Russian Theatrical Society, where I learned dancing,” Nikolai tells us.

A good sportsman, Nikolai’s skills include diving (“when I was a kid, the high boards never fazed me”, he admits) acrobatics, skiing, rock climbing, roller blading, sword fighting, snowboarding, and he is a member of the Melbourne Russian Volleyball team Phoenix.

Nikolai knows exactly what he wants from life. He used to work as an usher at one of Melbourne’s cinema complexes and as part of the job had to clean the theatres between sessions. “I knew then that instead of cleaning the screens, I wanted to be on them. That’s my ambition and even though people may argue ‘you’ve got to be dreaming’ my philosophy is where would you be without your dreams,” he says. Nikolai met an important Hollywood agent once who gave him the good advice of reaching for the stars but keeping his feet on the ground. “And that’s what I’ll do – work hard, do a good job and hopefully go where I want to go,” Nikolai has decided.

Since appearing in The Saddle Club, Nikolai has appeared in many Australian television productions including Blue Heelers, Stingers and the television drama mini-series, The Pacific.

I see Drew as stern, but with a soft side. He is a colourful character, a little complex but very human.

The Saddle Club™ series stars three heroines, Stevie, Carole and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club™ at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality but all share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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