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Kristi Cavanaugh

Kristi is 14 going on 20 and is Veronica’s closest ally. Quickly becoming known as the stable flirt, Kristi is more interested in attracting male attention with her expensive riding attire than she is in learning how to ride a horse.

She originally came to Pine Hollow as Veronica’s guest, but after seeing some of the cute stable-hands and riders, she quickly signed up for lessons herself. In contrast to Veronica, Kristi doesn’t have the same disdain for the Saddle Club, but she isn’t likely to waste her time bonding with them either. To her, they are nothing but immature little girls.

She wishes everybody in the world were rich like her and Veronica – then there wouldn’t be any problems. Everyone would be happy.

Kia Luby ( Plays Kristi )

Tradition has everyone on a film set being part of one big happy family and mostly that is true. But the cast of The Saddle Club has taken that maxim to almost ridiculous lengths. “After filming the first series finished, I emailed the Canadian girls every single day and rang them every week, Saturday night my time, Sunday morning theirs,” Kia tells us. And what did they find to talk about every day? “Life, things that happen, boys, the usual stuff.” Kia didn’t neglect her friendship with the Australian cast either. They met on weekends and during school holidays.

The closeness of the young cast had a positive side to filming. With long hours on location and tutoring to be fitted in as well, the experience is kept upbeat by the closeness of the team. “We grew like sisters over the years and there is nothing as good as being part of The Saddle Club,” Kia enthuses.

The Saddle Club was Kia’s first professional engagement. “I went into the audition and thought that if I didn’t get the role it wouldn’t matter. The audition itself was good experience and I wanted to learn how to do it. When my mother told me I had got the role, I just froze; I couldn’t speak for such a long time, then I started jumping up and down. It was such a big thing for me,” Kia tells us.

Kia has spent time on voluntary work, and thinks it is an important thing to do. “It’s nice to do something for someone and it’s all about giving people something to smile about,” is her philosophy.

I think Kristi is a very outgoing kind of girl. She tries to get any guy and she is really only riding at the stables to meet boys. She would really like to be a member of The Saddle Club, but she is pulled back by Veronica.

The Saddle Club™ series stars three heroines, Stevie, Carole and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club™ at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality but all share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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