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Max Regnery

Like his grandfather and father before him, Max Regnery runs Pine Hollow Stables as he would a family. He cares about his students and celebrates their victories and mourns their defeats.

A brilliant rider and former member of the National Equestrian Team he knows good horsemanship goes beyond the skills of riding a horse. Everyone should pitch in and help with the horses and he has no patience for laziness.

An attractive single man, he is in no hurry to settle down, until he meets Deborah Hale, a journalist with a city paper who comes to Pine Hollow Stables to write a story about a movie being filmed at the stable. With the help of the Saddle Club, Max and Deborah finally get together and Pine Hollow gives them a terrific wedding despite many setbacks.

In the second series, Brett is given a chance of a lifetime opportunity but worries about being away from Pine Hollows. Deborah helps him to make the decision, willing to assist in helping to run the stables while he is gone.

Brett Tucker ( Plays Max )

Brett Tucker has worked on a swag of American productions, television, films and TV movies, filmed both in America and in Australia.

He appeared in The Great Raid (starring Benjamin Bratt) and did the film The Outsider (directed by Randa Haines and starring Naomi Watts). He has knocked back a starring role on the American soap Days of Our Lives. “It would have been a good financial move for me but it meant 49 weeks inside a studio each year for three years. Also, I had started to get good roles in movies and, at that stage, I didn’t need the stepping stone. And I knew I couldn’t do it; I would get too homesick for Australia,” he explains.

For this 6 ft 2” Aussie bloke from the country moving to Los Angeles for his career wasn’t easy. “I had to do it in stages; otherwise it would have been too much of a culture shock. I have always been a country person and I even found it hard to move from the Yarra Valley to Melbourne. When I first went to L.A. I found it as hard.

Strangely enough, Brett has found that it is easier for him to be cast in American films than Australian. “I think part of it is the way I look. I fit in more with the all-American type than I do with that quirkier look that Australian directors seem to like. And after working hard at it for three years, Brett mastered the American accent and when auditioning in the U.S, they have no idea I’m Australian,” he says.

Brett’s experience includes Mall Boy, which received critical acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival, television roles in the U.S. series The Lost World, The Extreme Team (U.S. telemovie), Rubicon (U.S. telemovie), Blonde (U.S. mini-series) and the Australian series Neighbours, Blue Heelers, Halifax f.p. and McLeods Daughters.

Growing up in the Yarra Valley, Brett is a great horse-rider and loves the opportunity the role of Max Regnery gave him to ride. “Even when I finished my scenes, I’d go and watch the wranglers working with those beautiful horses in the series,” he says. An accomplished sportsman, he is a cyclist, plays tennis, cricket, basketball, boxing, has taken up snow-boarding and was a better than average footballer until he broke his nose in the third quarter of a spirited game the day before he was to audition for an important part. That sport was then put on the back burner.

Brett is now very much in demand both here and overseas, but can’t really point to one big break. “I reckon I epitomize a gradual process in this industry. There wasn’t one big thing that happened; it’s all been small steps,” he tells us.

Max is a hard-working, very placid, honorable man. He loves horses, loves the outdoors. Running the stables is the kind of business that requires a great deal of hard work and not much return. And he is the kind of man who works for the love and joy of it, not the money.

The Saddle Club™ series stars three heroines, Stevie, Carole and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club™ at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality but all share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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