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Red O’Malley

Red O’Malley is the 17 year old lead stable hand at Pine Hollow. He is good-looking and, in the girls’ eyes the epitome of cool.

No one can calm a spooked pony or cure a colicky horse better than Red. With his excellent riding skills and wealth of experience, it is surprising that he doesn’t ride or train professionally. His past was a complete mystery until the Saddle Club got on his case and helped him deal with his past so that he can ride again.

Veronica treats Red badly and she can’t understand why Kristi throws herself at him and follows him around.

In the second series, Red falls in love with Dorothée Doutey, the Junior European Eventing Champion visiting Pine Hollow from France and, together with the Saddle Club, helps her to find the confidence to compete again after a nasty fall. But Red learns love means sacrifice.

With Max away, Red has to take on a greater role in the running of the stables and has obtained his instructor’s accreditation.

James O’Dea ( Plays Red )

He trained hard for years, made the grade and was selected to represent Australia in the Triathlon team in Mexico, then declined. James was offered the role of Red in The Saddle Club and that, to him, was far more important. “I have been interested in Triathlon since I was at school, then I went into it full- on about a year ago. It’s a pretty heavy commitment, training nine or ten sessions a week. It was great when I got through the qualifying races and won the Nationals, but I didn’t have to think too hard about giving up my place in the team when this role came up,” James explained. “And Triathlon is a sport where your endurance grows with your age, so I figure I can pick it up again in the future,” says the 20 year old.

Red O’Malley is the lead stable hand at Pine Hollow, a good-looking young man who is the epitome of cool to the girls. James fits the role well and brings to the series a personable, laid-back charm. He is meticulous in his research and spends a lot of time talking to the wranglers and watching how they handle the horses and do their jobs. “I love to watch Grahame Ware (the Head Wrangler) in the Sand Ring training the horses. He has this bond with them that is incredible to see and I watch and try to pick up how he does it,” he says.

With his Triathlon training in swimming, running and riding, James is a fit young man. He played Football at school and also with the local junior football club, was keen on basketball and tennis and is now horse-riding as much as possible. An ex member of the Australian Boys Choir, he still sings and featured in three tracks of The Saddle Club C.D.

James is passionate about acting but is also working at the moment on Plan B, a Business Degree. “I love acting and that is my career path. But it is of paramount importance to me to have a degree and a good knowledge of finance, marketing and general business as a back-up,” he has decided.

Red is the stable hand and is a nice easy going laid back country boy. He is great with horses and loves riding. Red is a great companion to all the girls because he has a relaxed way of talking to them and is so uncomplicated. I like him; he is a good guy.

The Saddle Club™ series stars three heroines, Stevie, Carole and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club™ at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality but all share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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