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Veronica diAngelo

Veronica is a millionaire’s spoiled daughter. She enjoys being admired on her expensive thoroughbreds, but certainly has no interest in caring for them. In the first series, Veronica caused her horse, Cobalt, to have a fatal accident. Her father has bought her a new horse, Garnet, and the Saddle Club hope Veronica has learned her lesson and will look after this horse much better.

She attends the same school as the Saddle Club and resents it. She was quite content at her elite girls’ school in the city but when her parents bought the estate in Pine Hollow, they decided to enroll her at the local school.

Because Phil Marsten’s family owns a large parcel of land and breeds Arabian horses, Veronica takes an immediate interest in him. But he only has eyes for Stevie, despite all of Veronica’s efforts.

Veronica’s pride takes a blow when her father suffers financial losses and she is forced to work at the stables to help cover Garnet’s board and the continuation of lessons. But is all this work worth it, just to keep a horse?

Under Veronica’s sophisticated exterior beats a heart – but it only reveals itself at rare moments and often because of the Saddle Club’s efforts.

Heli Simpson ( Plays Veronica )

A year spent in bush surroundings with your teachers and classmates is a great way to think about who you are and where you are going. “Lauriston, the school I attend, has a residential campus Hawqua at Mansfield and I spent a year there, not only doing normal subjects like Maths and Science, but really becoming acclimatised to bush surroundings, with lots of hikes and outdoor projects,” Heli says. The course is designed to assist the students in becoming more independent and gives them time to think and discuss broader issues. The outcome was that Heli confirmed acting is an important part of her life and something she wants to continue.

Heli started drama school at six years of age and has grown up loving the industry. She appeared in the BBC mini-series Bootleg, played a role in the Australian television drama Blue Heelers, and worked in the Cox/Knight production After the Deluge.

The role of Veronica gives Heli something to have fun with. “Veronica is horrible to everyone and she thinks she is better than everyone. If I were playing a sweet young girl, I think it could get boring but playing someone like this is a really interesting role,” she enthuses.

Heli’s sporting skills include softball and netball but her real passion is horseriding. “It is my favourite thing. My first horse was a beautiful chestnut thoroughbred gelding called Woody and I love him to bits. I ride him about four times a week and since I got him I have been going to Pony Clubs and competing,” Heli tells us. She has had some success with this, being placed in every One-Day Event she has entered.

Heli has also learned singing and did the National Institute of Drama Academy summer course, as well as the ACTivate course at the National Theatre.

On the outside, she is obviously a spoilt rich girl. But she is an only child and she would really like friends. I think she is lonely but she doesn’t want to show it. And deep down, she would love to be a member of The Saddle Club.

The Saddle Club™ series stars three heroines, Stevie, Carole and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club™ at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality but all share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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