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Veronica diAngelo

Veronica is a millionaire’s spoiled daughter. She enjoys being admired on her expensive thoroughbreds, but certainly has no interest in caring for them. That’s what stable hands are for. In the first series, Veronica caused her horse, Cobalt, to have a fatal accident.

Her father has brought her a new horse, Garnet, but it doesn’t appear that Veronica has learned her lesson. The Saddle Club is always concerned that Garnet doesn’t get the attention she deserves.

She attends the same school as the Saddle Club and resents it. She was quite content at her elite girls’ school in the city but when her parents bought the estate in Pine Hollow, they decided to enrol her at the local school.

Veronica is a mass of contradictions when it comes to the Saddle Club – one part of her wants to belong to the affectionate sisterhood enjoyed by Carole, Stevie and Lisa … and one part of her sees it as twee and juvenile.

Veronica realises she needs help to make war on the Saddle Club so she enlists the aid of Desi.

Under Veronica’s sophisticated exterior beats a heart – but it only reveals itself at rare moments and often because of the Saddle Club and Desi’s efforts.

Veronica accepts that there are rules and norms in all social situations – they just don’t apply to her because she’s special, and therefore above them.

Marny Kennedy ( Plays Veronica )

Marny Kennedy (age 13) lives in Australia and is the daughter of a dance teacher. She’s spent many years taking lessons and has worked extensively in commercials and voiceovers. Most recently, Marny has won the prestigious AFI Best Young Actor Award for the lead in the highly acclaimed children’s series Mortified.

Marny says she loves writing, art and drama and being part of the TV series was so exciting because: “Filming, acting, being part of something is just the best feeling. I’m doing something I love.” She had done some riding before the series, but hopes to do more in the future.

Her one wish for the world: “That everyone finds love. It doesn’t matter where you find it or who you love, just as long as everyone has it at some stage of his or her life. I think everyone deserves that, no matter who they are.”

Favorite Saddle Club horse: Garnet

Veronica is a complex girl. At first glance she comes across as confident and manipulative and I think she relies on that sense of power. But deep down she’s got another side, which only comes out every so often. And I love bringing that side of her out. It shows that she’s really just a fragile girl, like every other.

The Saddle Club™ series stars three heroines, Stevie, Carole and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club™ at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality but all share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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