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Carole Hanson

Carole Hanson is a bright African-American girl with a natural riding ability. Devastated when her mother died of cancer, she almost gave up riding. But her father, U.S. Marine Colonel Mitch Hanson, reminded Carole that her mother would have wanted her to follow her passion.

With money left by her mother, she bought the stunning buckskin gelding, Starlight. Carole knows her future lies with horses, but there are many exciting paths to follow and she doesn't know which road to take. She has the potential to become a veterinarian but she would also love to breed and train thoroughbreds. She wouldn't mind being a professional steeplechase jockey, or maybe travel the world teaching dressage clinics. Whatever career she chooses, Carole's most immediate goal is to be the very best rider she can be.

Subconsciously seeking stability and a sense of permanence, Carole's greatest fear materialises when her father is deployed overseas and it seems she will have to leave behind everything she loves: her stable, her horse, but most of all: her friends in the Saddle Club. Even though Carole still keeps in touch with friends from all over the world, before moving to Willow Creek, she never stayed in one place long enough to establish any long term friendships. As a result, she takes her friendship with Lisa and Stevie very seriously and would do anything to preserve it.

Carole has little time for boys. She's never understood why anyone would prefer the company of a boy to that of a horse. Warm and funny, Carole is always willing to help others - as long as she still has time to go for a ride along nearby Fox Tail Creek. It's when the morning sun sparkles through the trees and the water laps at Starlight's galloping hooves, that Carole feels most alive. This is when the pressures of family, friends, school and competition can't touch her. Anyone who catches a glimpse of horse and rider moving as one along the lush creek can't help but be in awe.

Victoria Campbell ( Plays Carole )

Victoria Campbell (age 11) lives in Vancouver (BC) Canada with her mother. She began dancing at an early age to the beat of the dishwasher and quickly graduated to dancing, music and acting lessons. She has acting experience in television in the Andromeda series and has worked in films, playing Halle Berry's daughter's friend in Things We Lost in the Fire and a lead character in the film Under the Sycamore Tree.

Her favourite school subjects include gym, art and math. She enjoys drawing, cooking and doing makeovers for her friends and family, but likes athletic activities too. She likes cycling, ice skating rollerblading and trampoline among other things. She also likes to ride. Victoria's grandmother's neighbors have horses and she says: "I love to visit them, and one summer my mom and I did a fantastic trail ride together."

Victoria says the best part of being involved with the Saddle Club series was "getting to hang out with the horses and people."

Her one wish for the world: "Less pollution!"

Carole is a lot like me. We both love animals and the colour purple. We are also similar in that Carole is not a tomboy, yet she's not a girly girl either. We both love hanging out with friends. And, if ever there were an opportunity to hang out with animals we'd both jump at the chance.

The Saddle Club™ series stars three heroines, Stevie, Carole and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club™ at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality but all share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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